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Privacy Policy - For use of Audit templates

At ICU360Connect, we offer audits in Google Form format to facilitate the assessment and improvement of critical care practices. We prioritise the privacy and security of our users' data. Therefore, please note the following regarding the use of these audits:

Data Collection and Storage:

ICU360Connect does not collect or store any data submitted through the Google Forms used for audits. The Google Forms are solely hosted and managed by Google. When users complete the audits, the data is stored directly in their own Google Drive or the designated Google Workspace account associated with their Google Forms.


Google Privacy Policies: Users are subject to Google's privacy policies and terms of service when utilising Google Forms for audits. ICU360Connect does not have control over the data collection, storage, or processing practices of Google. We recommend reviewing Google's privacy policies to understand how they handle and protect user data.

Responsibility for Data: Users are responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of the data collected through Google Forms. It is recommended to adhere to internal organisational policies, regulations, and data protection practices when using these audits. ICU360Connect does not assume any liability for the handling of data by users.

Data Usage: ICU360Connect does not access, use, or analyze the data collected through Google Forms. The responsibility for utilising the data for auditing purposes lies solely with the users. Any analysis, reporting, or sharing of the collected data is the user's responsibility and should comply with applicable data protection regulations and privacy policies.


Third-Party Integration: Users may integrate Google Forms with third-party services or applications. Any data transfer or sharing that occurs during such integrations is subject to the privacy policies and terms of the respective third-party service. ICU360Connect does not control or take responsibility for the data handling practices of these third-party services.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy for audits in Google Form format, please contact us at

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 22 May 2023.


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